Welcome to my new Blog

Steve BeltI’m pleased to announce my new blog. This is for me, Steve Belt, to share interesting things with my friends, family, and anyone that may think what I have to say is for some reason interesting. I’ll comment on my real estate career, how Oxford Learning is doing, the trails I’ve been riding my mountain bike on, my latest Ninjitsu belt, and how the girls are doing.
If you don’t want the hassle of checking the site now and again for updates, feel free to subscribe by clicking the RSS feed link at the top right.
Oh, and one comment about the banner photos at the top.  There are 12 photos that can be selected.  If you you click F5 and udpate the page every second you’ll see all 12 of them.  In all cases, I’m either in the photo on my bike, or I took the photo.


  1. Nice job! I don’t have any experience with blogs, but it seems like fun and effective way to communicate, personally or professionally. I also enjoyed reading the real estate blog. See you later!

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