I’m Beginning to Like Google

If you want to be successful with your on-line presence you have no choice but to accept the reality that you owe any chance of success to how much Google likes your website, and thus how high it ranks your site in its search results.  Yahoo and MSN and Ask and all the rest make up less than half of total search engine searches, so it’s just the nature of the beast that the beast that is Google must be tamed.
Blogging, if done well, can be used to effectively tame Google.  You must blog frequently, you must have people that read and refer to your site, you must refer to other sites, and you must provide unique content.  This week I posted a small article about the Phoenix Walk for PKD.  PKD is a kydney disease that fellow REALTOR Joanne Bradley is afflicted with.  She recently made me aware of the walk.  FYI, It’s over at DC Ranch on Saturday, September 15th, if you are interested.
But the point of this post is about Google and searching.  I posted the entry on September 4th.  Google crawled my site on September 4th, as well.  And right now, if you do a Google search for “Phoenix Walk PKD”, my blog entry is #1 as a result.  In fact, I’ve had 5 blog hits in the last 2 days directly as a result of that article.
Now, 5 hits isn’t earth shattering, but what is amazing is finding myself #1 on any Google search.  That’s the first time ever for me with Google.  So thank you Google.  If you’re listening, can you hook me up with some more keywords?  How about, “Scottsdale Homes for Sale”?