Getting Ready For The Tour

I had intended a nice long mountain bike ride today, until I went into the garage and realized my mountain bike was still over at Robert’s house after he took it up to Pinetop and back for me last weekend.  Unable to give up the notion of riding today, and unwilling to go over at 6:30am and potentially wake Robert up, I broke out my road bike.  It needed some dusting off (literally).
Orbea Road Bike
It took a few minutes to find a spare tube, inflate the tires, lube the chain, and generally feel like it was a good idea to ride I bike I hadn’t ridden in over a year.  In the end, I wasn’t on the road until after 7:30.
I decided to ride the ride I almost always ride on the weekend with my road bike.  Up to Cave Creek and back.  Google maps says the route was 43 miles.  If you haven’t used Google Maps lately, you should.  It’s become a sweet tool, and I think it’s now better than Mapquest.  Mapquest had some extra features for a while (like having multiple stops), but Google Maps is all the way there, and then some.  The feature I like the best is the ability to drag a section of the route around.  It’s hard to describe, so just go to Google Maps and play with it.
43 miles on a road bike isn’t supposed to be that hard…especially for someone planning to do 52 miles on a mountain bike in a month.  I finished the ride, but at the end, I was definitely spent.  What I learned today is that I’ve got a fair bit of work to do in just 30 days, if I want to complete the Tour of the White Mountains.  Lofty goals are a good thing, right?