The Season Begins: Fantasy Style

There was a teaser game on Thursday, but the real NFL season kicked off for the most part today.  This doesn’t have much meaning, as I’m not that much of a football fan these days.  Which is odd, considering I was a 4 year player in high school.  I think as I’ve gotten older, what bothers me the most is that there’s just 1 game a week, if you are interested in just 1 team.  And being somewhat of a Cardinals fan, after just a few weeks, you knew the season was basically over.  That and the Suns and DBacks are so good, with overlapping schedules, there isn’t much need to torture myself.
ESPN Fantasy FootballLast year, Robert had the great idea to start a fantasy football league.  I had played fantasy football for 3 years about 10 years ago, so I had some experience, and while it was all Robert’s idea, I ended up being the commissioner.  Which meant that I got to do all of the data entry in ESPN’s website and especially meant that I was able to have a significant say in the scoring rules.
After playing for 3 years, I had found that what I like is a balance between yardage and scoring.  I think players that score the most should be worth the most, but a player that gets a ton of yards, but doesn’t score should be worth something.  So our league is a performance style league, slanted toward scoring being the bigger factor in total points.
Last year we had just 6 fantasy owners, and I managed to win the league.  It was close, but I squeaked out wins when it mattered at the end.
This year, we’ve found 8 fantasy owners, with all 6 from last year returning, plus 2 new additions.  I drew the short straw and drafted 8th overall, but I feel I came away with a solid fantasy team anyway.  This week I drew Robert as my opponent and as I write this, I have a 10 point lead, with my 2 running backs yet to play.  I’m feeling fairly confident.
Can I repeat this year as champion?  I dunno.  I don’t have any true superstars (no Manning, no LT, etc.), but I do have a balanced team that should keep me in it week in and week out.  Injuries will be the key to success again this year, and with more owners, that means fewer decent players are available on waivers, so I’ll need to be lucky and avoid a key injury.  Still I like my chances.