Tough Prep Ride for the Tour Today

I need a beerWe went up to Pinetop this weekend, so of course I brought my mountain bike.  Without a truck of some sort, I needed to ride directly from our house.  Not a problem, but it did mean I wouldn’t be able to ride any new trail stretches, just places I’ve already ridden.
The basic ride plan was to ride the Country Club to Los Burros connector to Los Burros, loop around, and then come  back.  That’s roughtly 25 miles.  A snag developed before I even got going when I realized I’ve left my mtb shoes at home.  Determined to get a big ride in today I put on my hiking shoes and set out.
The weather at 8:15am was absolutely perfect.  Temp around 60, cloud cover, no wind, and dry conditions.  It just doesn’t get any better. 
The trip up the connector went well, and I arrived at Los Burros at 9:15am.  It’s pretty much all up hill to that point.  Once on Los Burros I was able to ride the trail in it’s best condition: dry.  No mud, no rain.  Riding went well on Los Burros, until I found a sign that said, “Short cut 2” and “Los Burros 6.5”.  On our list trip around Los Burros, I know we went down the short cut, which peeled 4.5 miles off the 14 mile loop.  That does explain how we did 14 miles in 90 minutes while slogging through the mud….we only did 10 miles. 
So I went the long way, still feeling pretty good.  But 2.5 or 3 miles later I just bonked.  My stomach started growling, and I was very low on energy.  Every incline had me wondering if I had enough to get back.  I started dreaming about Clif Bars.
I dug deep, and did make it back, but the 14 mile Los Burros loop took 2 hrs to complete, as I finished that section at 11:15am.  With 5 or 6 miles to get back to the house my saving grace was the classic, “it’s all down hill from here”.  Or at least, it’s mostly all down hill.
 Today’s ride has me seriously questioning the proper ride distance for the Tour of the White Mountains.  Today was less than 30 miles.  Can I really do 52 miles in 3 weeks?  How much will some breakfast, Gatorade, and energy bars contribute to success?