El Tour de Tuscon

Chris Z has been prodding me a bit to consider entering the 25th Annual El Tour de Tuscon, which is coming up on November 17th.  He’s planning to do the 109 mile length, which will be his personal longest ever ride in one day.  I think he’s done the MS 150 a number of times, but that’s a 2 day event.
We rode together on Sunday, doing 45 miles or so, and felt pretty good doing it.  I don’t think either felt significantly faster than the other, as we stayed together easily, and for the most part just moved along at a comfortable pace for each of us.  I felt reasonably good at the end of Sunday’s ride, so I’m giving the Tour de Tuscon some serious consideration.  109 miles in one stretch on a road bike would be similar to the 52 miles in one stretch I did for the Tour of the White Mountains on my mountain bike.  I’d probably finish the 109 miles in a very similar time, and feel about the same when I was done…dog tired, but alive.  And since my mountain bike is currently out of commission, this would give me even more encouragement to ride my road bike, with a bit of a very near term goal.
I dunno.  I’m thinking about it is about all I can say right now.
Regardless, we’re loosely planning some more training rides this weekend, and that’ll probably help me decide how strong I feel.  I’ll have to get a feel from Jan whether she wants to take a weekender to Tuscon, as that would definitely help if she could be there.