Kona 24 hours in the Old Pueblo

The Kona 24 hours in the Old Pueblo is a 24 hour mountain bike race down near Tuscon that is on February 16, 2008.  Robert, Chris Z, and I have agreed we’re doing the event together as a team.  We need to find a 4th (at least, it would be a good idea if we did), but otherwise, we are all committed.  When doing the event as a team, the event takes on a relay format.  One rider does a lap, and hands the baton to the next rider, and so on. 
Having done it before as a 4-man team, I’m going to guess we’ll probably do around 16 laps.  It’s tough to say though, as when I did this event before, the course was 17 miles long, and now it’s been shortened a bit to 15 miles.  And not knowing who our 4th rider will be (assuming we get one), doesn’t make this guessing game any easier.  Robert will definitely learn a lot about himself in the event, as he’s never really done any type of distance racing.  Knowing what it feels like to be running on pure cardio, because you’ve burned every last bit of quick energy out of your system is what this type of event is all about.  That and riding at 2 am, when it’s 30 degrees outside, and your cold, tired, and it’s pitch black outside.
My last entry into the event was back in 2004.  Our 4-man team completed 18 laps to finish in 12th place out of 86 teams, so we were pretty happy with our results.
Robert needs to get busy getting some miles in so that the event doesn’t kill him, but I think Chris and I are already in good enough shape that we can each complete at least 4 decent laps without much worry.  Should be a good time, but we have lots to do to get ready for this event in less than 4 months.