Phoenix Area Real Estate Blog gets a new URL

I wrote about a new domain name for the Phoenix Area Real Estate blog a while back, but unfortunately, the name I was hoping to get at the time was renewed for 2 years by the current owner, just days before it was set to expire.  It’s unfortunate, because there isn’t a website using the domain name, which has been the case for the last 10 years.  You’d think by now the owner would have done something with it.  Bah…no sense crying over spoiled milk.
At any rate, I did a quick survey with 8 choices, and the domain name was definitely the crowd favorite.  Not everyone’s #1 choice, but in almost everyone’s top 3.  So that name won, and today I renamed the real estate blog.  Google hates the new blog now, but that’s ok.  In less than a month Google will be stopping by once a day or so again, and in 3 months Google will be back to the multiple visits per day I’ve grown to enjoy.  In less than 3 months, the blog earned a page rank of 4, which is phenominal.  I hope I can get back to taht level a bit quicker, especially because I know some of the tricks that got me there.  Well, not tricks really, just things to do right.