Registered for El Tour de Tuscon

After a month of waffling over whether or not I was going to ride in this event, today I finally signed up.  The 25th annual El Tour de Tuscon is this Saturday, November 17th.  I’ve chosen the “I must be crazy” distance of 109 miles on a road bike.  That will be by far the longest road ride I’ve ever done.  We’ve been doing 50 mile rides every weekend for 2 months now, without much trouble.  Of course, there is indeed a big difference between 50 miles and 100+ miles.  About twice as much.
I’m optimistic I’ll finish somewhere between 6 & 7 hrs time, but I have no true basis for that optimism, having never come close to riding this kind of distance.
There are expected to be between 10,000 and 11,000 people riding in the event, although not all of them will be doing the 109 mile length.  Many will do shorter distances, but you figure somewhere around 40% of the people will do the 109 miler.