Quick update: broken Canon camera

Just a quick update on my broken camera.  Canon confirmed receipt of the camera at their repair facility today.  Also, Jefferson Graham from USA Today contacted me yesterday to discuss my broken camera.  He said he personally had 3 Canon cameras fail, and wanted to know more about mine and my experience.  I let him know that it was about 45 days old, and I had returned it to Canon’s repair center. 
He then let me know that he had spoken with Canon directly about it, and that Canon does not advise people to put these cameras in their pocket, but instead to store them in a case.  Ugh.  I bought the camera to put in my pocket and to have it handy everywhere I go.  I want a camera I can put in a jersey pocket on my bike, in a backpack, or in a pocket while I’m roaming around the city/on vacation, so that I always have a camera handy.  If I can’t count on this new Canon camera to be that camera for me, I’m going to be quite disappointed. 
My old Canon G3 has been through a number of bumps and bruises and has always worked.  It’s just too bulky to stick in a pocket.  I wanted the SD870is to do everything the G3 could do, but in a smaller package.  Hopefully I’ve been unlucky and it’ll work like I want, and not like Jefferson Graham from USA Today expects.


  1. Hey, just wondering how it went with your broken sd870. Did Canon repair it for free under warranty? I’m in the same boat with my lens jammed.

  2. My camera was fixed, at no cost to me, by Canon. It has continued to work since, however 3 odd circles have developed on the screen, where I always see grey circles instead of what I should see. Not a huge problem, but annoying nonetheless.

  3. Ah, great to hear. I just sent mine in. Hopefully it gets fixed at no charge, also. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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