Riding Photos from Six Shooter Canyon

Today we rode the Six Shooter Canyon trail from the top of Pinal Peak outside of Globe Arizona. The road from the bottom to the top is 14 miles long, so we shuttled the bikes to the top, to make the descent more enjoyable.
Globe is at an elevation of 4500 feet, and is about 75 miles from Phoenix. The top of Pinal was 7500 feet, so it’s a 3000 foot descent. The trail is a bit technical, but not crazy technical, and most of the toughest spots are only a short distance, which can easily walked. Being the photographer, I’m only in the group photo, but you’ll have to trust me that I was indeed there.
There weather was absolutely perfect. Temp at the top was right around 70 degrees, and at the bottom it was around 85. Just a beautiful day to ride one of Arizona’s sky islands. Enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the ride.