Heading to Ride the Tour of the White Mountains

I’m just about to leave the office, pack up and head to our house in Pinetop for the weekend.  This weekend, Epic Rides is having their annual Tour of the White Mountains.  I rode the event last year, and am doing so again this year.  Last year I pushed through 52 miles, and this year I’ve gone insane, and signed up for the 67 mile distance.
Riding with me will be the usual cast of characters: Robert, Chris Z, and Chris M.  Chris M has never ridden in an organized bike race/ride before, so that alone will be interesting.  I’m hoping he can at least complete 30 miles.  Personally, I’m not in great shape, so this is going to be a personal struggle.
My riding plan is to start slow and finish slow, with slower parts in the middle.  We’ll see how well I’m able to stick to the plan.  Regardless, the weather looks to be fabulous this year (which is a welcome surprise), and the volunteers at the event are A-1 top notch.