Wurdle: Thou art addicting

I stop in to the local Starbucks almost everyday. Naturally, you eventually get to know the other regulars who transform from acquaintence to friend.
Recently a bunch of us regulars have all gotten iPhones. About a week ago, they were chatting about this game Wurdle. I hadn’t heard of it, but for $1.99 I decided it was worth the download.
Boy was that a mistake. Not because it isn’t with two bucks, but because it is so addicting. It’s ridiculous.
Wurdle is similar to the game of Boggle and employs the touch screen of the iPhone perfectly. Anyway, I now profess to being a Wirdle addict. If you see me playing it, please tell me to stop. I must cure this addiction.


  1. hahaha.. At lunch yesterday, we got to witness, first hand, your addiction. Looks like a pretty cool game. Maybe I AM glad that I don’t have an iPhone.

  2. I think I avoided playing the darned game at lunch, but I see the tiles in my mind constantly. I can hardly do anything without forming words again and again in my mind. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

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