Endangered Species

A Circuit City umbrella in Phoenix? I’ll probably never see another one.

Ride Report for el Tour de Tucson

For the 109 mile el Tour de Tucson, the day started early, with the alarm clock going off at 4:15am.  Getting ready, the only mishap initially was finding out that the local Starbucks wasn’t open at 5:00am when we arrived.  Fortunately, Bruegger’s Bagels was open. We arrived at 5:20am, and were one of the very… Continue reading Ride Report for el Tour de Tucson

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Saying goodbye

For 42 months this was my ultimate driving machine. With the lease over someone else will now get this opportunity.

I Voted Today

I voted today, and the experience taught me something very important about myself. I’ll explain: I arrived at the polls at 7:30am. There wasn’t much of a line, and I quickly moved to present my drivers license. My address on yge licrense isnt up-to-date (thank you DMV), so they told me, “No problem, you can… Continue reading I Voted Today

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