Final Random Thoughts about el Tour de Tucson

I thought I’d share just a few more random thoughts about the experience riding el Tour de Tucson, not so much related to my ride, but all of the many, many things surrounding it.  These will appear in no particular order, but just musings and stuff that come to mind.

  • Next year I’m setting a goal of 5.5 hrs elapsed time.  That’s going to require serious training to attain.
  • Throughout the ride, it was amazing that every single intersection is blocked off and made safe/ready for riders.  I said thank you at least 30 times to various officers and feel sad that that was a tiny fraction of the number of people I would have liked to say thank you to.
  • I can be faster in the wash crossings…I don’t know why I walk so slow through them.
  • It will be nice to have teeth and no Invisilign braces next year.
  • I need to ride during the week next year…even if it’s just quick 1 hour mountain bike rides from my house.
  • Pizza and beer after a 6 hour ride taste better, even if the beer is only Michelob Ultra and the beer comes from Pizza Hut.
  • Having a non-riding friend (or two) there to see you start/finish is really cool.  Thanks Lori and Chrissy!
  • There was a crash at some point along the race in which a car pulled out in front of a group, and caused 10 cyclists to crash.  One of those cyclist was still in critical care on Sunday.  The driver got out of the car, saw the carnage, and sped off.  Police are still looking for him.  I hope the police find him.
  • My bike amazes me for how comfortable it is over such a long ride.  My right foot was falling asleep a little, but overall, very little road vibration transmits through the bike to me.  Thanks Orbea!
  • I made 3 last second changes to my gear/bike.  For all 3, this was their maiden voyage:
    1. I rode a tubeless tire up front from Stan’s.  It worked perfectly. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to go tubeless on both wheels, but I will before my next ride.
    2. I used a brand new Giro road helmet, which worked perfectly.
    3. I used brand new Pearl Izumi full finger gloves, which worked perfectly.
  • A bit of a clunk developed when coming off a freewheel spin as I hit the pedals to crank.  I think my bottom bracket may finally be worn out, which isn’t bad after 6+ years of riding.
  • I don’t know where they get all of the volunteers, but my hat’s off to each and every one of them.  Thank you.
  • I was a bit sore the next day, but by Monday I could easily have ridden again.  I expect to get on the mountain bike this weekend for some fun on the dirt, as the initial preparations for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo begin.


  1. After a century ride beer and cardboard is might tasty!
    When you talk about “walking thru the wash crossings” is there water or sand there? Just wondering why you walk…

  2. They are dry river washes, so yes, they have sand. Walking the first was more a function of so many walkers in front, as it was hard packed dirt in many parts. Walking the second was a function of kinda deep sand and walkers in front.

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