Hard to find

The Wii Fit was #1 on my shopping list, but turned out to be much harder to purchase than I expected. Craigslist found me a reasonable seller today.

The double-bypass

We did the double-bypass on Sunday. The route starts by climbing up Windgate Pass from the Scottsdale side.  At the top is this view, which is looking to the east.  Unfortunately my saddle is blocking the view of 4 Peaks: After this climb, you head down the back side, then loop around and climb up… Continue reading The double-bypass

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Since this is my personal blog and most days only gets a couple of visitors, it’s also my alpha test blog.  With that in mind, I upgraded to WordPress 2.7, to get a feel for the changes. So far, it’s working.  I think the majority of the changes are on to the blog admin area,… Continue reading Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

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