Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Since this is my personal blog and most days only gets a couple of visitors, it’s also my alpha test blog.  With that in mind, I upgraded to WordPress 2.7, to get a feel for the changes.
So far, it’s working.  I think the majority of the changes are on to the blog admin area, which if you are reading this, you shouldn’t have access to.  I guess you could say this is a behind-the-scenes, type upgrade.  The admin area is completely different, however.  One thing I like is the way comments show up with the avatars on the Dashboard now.  WordPress news is also taking up far less real estate on the dashboard.  You can even publish a post from the dashboard, though I’m not doing that myself right now.
The top menu bar has been moved to a side navigation bar.  This looks cleaner than before, as the settings menu was ridiculous when you have a lot of plugins.  Overall, it’s a nice change on the admin side.  I’ll play with it for a while, and if I don’t find any flaws, probably upgrade all of the other blogs to 2.7.  That was easy-peasy, using subversion.  If I haven’t said so recently, I LOVE using subversion to upgrade the blog.