Now Pondering

Beer along Mission Bay, San Diego
Very few people reading this will NOT know Jay Thompson, but on the off chance you don’t and don’t read The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, then you probably don’t know that Jay, after 6 years blogging on TPREG, recently created his own personal blog, Now Pondering.
My Side Door is exactly that for me.  It’s my personal blog.  The place I can share things personal to me, about me, things that I’m thinking about for the future, etc.  And I’ve had this blog since August 2007, so that’s 4 years now.  Dang, has it really been that long?  Anyway, it’s occurred to me more and more recently, that I’m not writing much (well, really not writing at all), and that it’s about time I started making the time to write here.  It’s good for the soul.
For content, I’ve always wanted this blog to have a focus on photos, which is why I chose the theme I chose.  Sunday morning, while listening to NPR on my way into Echo, there was a story about old snapshots taken in the 50’s and how families used to take down the  box from the closet and look at the old snapshots, reminisce, and then possibly note who/when/where.  This too is another thing I need to get back to.  The last 2 years, I’ve taken way too many photos that I never share.  They are just sitting in a memory card somewhere.  Will I remember who/what/when/where that photo came from?  Not if I don’t start making those notes now.
And so here it is.  I’m throwing down my own gauntlet.  Blogging and I shall become friends once again.  Talk with you again soon.


  1. “It’s good for the soul.”
    Indeed. Glad to see you diving back in Steve, and can’t wait to see some of those links.
    And thanks for the first official link to NowPondering that I didn’t make myself!

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