Hoping to Speak at Ignite Phoenix #11

I did it.  For real this time.  I submitted to be a speaker for the next Ignite Phoenix.
I submitted once before, but the name of the topic was rather lame: “Thank You”, and to be honest, I’m glad I wasn’t selected for it.  That topic wasn’t actually a true, deep-seeded passion of mine.  Instead, intermixed with 5 minutes of various ways, why’s, and how’s we should all be looking to say thank you in our every day lives, I was planning to sneak in the biggest, loudest, most sincere Thank You to the Ignite Phoenix crew for exposing me to my newest passion (fyi…it might be coffee related).  A passion that has literally changed the way I live.  Hallmark would have loved it.  But I don’t work for Hallmark, and to call the topic of saying “thank you” a passion would be stretch.
This time, however, I submitted to talk about what anyone that knows me even a little bit will likely understand and agree is indeed a true passion:  mountain bike riding.  Sure, I road ride as well, but it’s the mountain bike I can’t imagine living without.
The submission deadline for sharing your passion at Ignite Phoenix #11 is just a few days away.  If you’ve ever had the notion to submit and thus share, now’s the time to do it.  Hopefully, I get selected.  I wish I could say I have a leg up on the competition to speak, but the judges that now pick speakers are past speakers themselves, not the organizing crew, so there’s no gaurantee.  I do know they’ve had cycling related speakers before, so there’s a chance the topic may appear to be “old, tired, spents, etc.”.  I hope not.  But if I’m not picked, I’m not picked.  But I’d like to be.