Back up your important data

This is a PSA from me, sponsored by me, intended for everyone:

Back up your important data!

Nearly 3 months ago, my primary computer for Echo Coffee started giving me some fits. The symptom was that it didn’t like to boot up. Often it would take several attempts before it succeeded in booting up. As a result, I started to get picky about whether I would install updates or reboot the computer at all. I figured either the power supply, memory card, or video card was on it’s last leg.

Two months ago, the thing absolutely refuses to boot up. I bought a new video card, and that didn’t help. So I took it home, and decided to start swapping parts until I had it working. A few failed reconfigurations and many wasted hours later, I’m fed up with it, and resign to just read the important shit off the hard drive and build a new computer.

And then reality finally sets in. The problem all along was a faulty boot hard drive. “No problem,” I think, “it’s part of a software raid, the other boot drive will have all of my data.” A few minutes later, “Oh, that’s right, I had disabled the software raid a few months ago, because it was using so damn much memory. No worries, the server has all of my files backed up on it, right?” “Ummmm, no sir. Server backups were never even enabled when you switched from to a year ago.” Doh!

So, here I sit with nary a backup in sight. Normally anything important for my business is written to 5 drives. Two on the raid on the PC. Two more on the raid on the server. And 1 more on the server’s nightly external backup drive. How did I get myself into such a stupid setup? Ugh!

So the drive in question went over to Data Doctors 3 weeks ago. It’s had it’s read-write head replaced and has been on some fancy imaging device, working 24/7, to copy the data to a viable hard drive for over a week. I don’t have much of an ETA for when I’ll get my data back, but I do know it’s going to cost me over a grand. Yep, more than $1000. Ouch!

So…learn from my mistake. Figure out a viable backup solution for anything you hold dear, and put it to use. If it’s a hassle, fix the hassle. If it stops working, make it work immediately. Don’t delay.

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