Tour of the White Mountains Results

Over on MTBR I posted this ride report.  There’s no sense in re-hashing the whole thing here, so just click on over.  Yesterrday (and why I’ve waited this long to post here), they posted the results. Of 30 finishers in my category, I finished 27th.  That doesn’t sound great, until you consider how many DNFs… Continue reading Tour of the White Mountains Results

The Tour is 5 days away

Ok, the Tour of the White Mountains is just 5 days away, and I still haven’t selected a distance.  Unless my friend Chris Z goes and does the 52 miler, I’m leaning toward the 41 miler.  Right now, I’m feeling more concerned with finishing the event than pressing myself to my limits…although I don’t exactly… Continue reading The Tour is 5 days away

Interbike 2007

If you are at all interested in what’s going on at Interbike this year, the guys at Speedgoat have got a spectacular blog running this year.  I’m subscribed to their blog, and have been blown away with all of the great industry info they’ve been publishing.  I think I’m most interested in more news about… Continue reading Interbike 2007